Big Grand Cay, Bahamas

A Tropical Retreat


Big Grand Cay is a private island, with more than 200 acres including radiant white sand beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters teaming with fish, and a beautiful, unspoiled setting filled with flowers, palm trees and abundant foliage. Sunshine and gentle ocean breezes will fill your days, while the light of a million stars will illuminate your nights.

Big Grand Cay is reaped with history.  There are tales of pirates who buried their treasures on Money Point and shipwrecked sailors seeking refuge from the reefs that shadow the island.  To this day, divers can still see the remnants of the HMS Mermaid lost in 1760.

The island has been held as a private residence for over a half a century by American businessman and entrepreneur  Bob Abplanalp and his family. The Abplanalp's nicknamed the house "Edelweiss" because as the Swiss flower itself, the main residence on Big Grand sits high on a hill. This island became the "get away" for presidents, dignitaries and those guests wanting the ultimate in privacy.

In 2006, after damages sustained in hurricanes Frances, Jeanne and Wilma, Big Grand Cay began renovation to update the home and surrounding amenities. 


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